"Music is an incredibly strong emotional language...

Mark Scarpelli

More"Music is an incredibly strong emotional language...

About Mark


Mark was born in Torrington, Connecticut where he received his first musical influences through a boy’s church choir, teen “garage” bands and Drum Corps. After a year of college at University of Charleston/Morris Harvey College as a business Major (plans were for Mark to take over the family restaurant) he had a revelation that music was to be his life.

True Passion

He discovered his true passion to be composition and was accepted at the Eastman School of Music where he studied music composition with Joseph Schwantner. A supportive wife and three musical children have been helpful through the years regarding his compositional efforts. A retired public school teacher, Mark now spends most of his time writing and arranging music for the stage.

Musical Theatre has been his comfortable niche where he has penned the music for four Operas, nine Musicals, a book of Vignettes, and four Ballets. His works have been critically acclaimed and have been performed locally by the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra. His theatre pieces are performed by community theatre groups most notably, the Contemporary Youth Arts Company (CYAC) at the historical WVSU Capitol Theatre in Charleston, West Virginia.

“Music is an incredibly strong emotional language. When I write, I attempt to focus within, for I believe music to be an expression that comes from the heart.”

-Mark Scarpelli

Recent Projects

Space Preachers: The Musical

“Space Preachers: The Musical,” based on the Troma sci-fi cult comedy film “Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space Preachers” landed onstage in October as a live staged reading, with music and lyrics by Mark Scarpelli and book by Daniel Boyd!

Returning in 2020!
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